Piskopiano Koutouloufari

Piskopiano Koutouloufari Excursion

Local tour in three villages with attitude 10 (ten) minutes in each village.
Stops: Lychnostatis museum-Old Hersonissos- Piskopiano- Koutouloufari
Estimated time: 60minutes

Koutouloufari Traditional Village

Koutouloufari village is located right above the town of Hersonissos, just 1 km away. It is known for its traditional architecture, an amphitheatrically like village that combined with the cobblestone paved streets, offers an outstanding feeling for every visitor. Its traditional taverns serve Cretan traditional dishes, amongst other cuisines, and provides a quiet and rather romantic atmosphere with the mountain side view down Hersonissos town and coastline. Cretan nights with traditional music and dancing will be carved in the memory of every visitor as a magical experience.

Piskopiano Village

Piskopiano village is located 2 km south of Hersonissos Port, on the side of Xarakas Mountain, and is a clearly traditional settlement, where its villagers are into agricultural production and livestock, producing exceptional dairy products as well as a uniquely famous olive oil. Every visitor can buy, taste and enjoy these products in the local traditional cafes and taverns that spread throughout the village. The picturesque alleyways of the village and the stone houses complete a magical and beautiful image of the traditional rhythm of Cretan village life that makes it a destination for all photography lovers who will also be impressed by the panoramic view of its position. Piskopiano is a family destination with a relaxing atmosphere, which is a short distance away from the beach side of Port of Hersonissos

Lychnostatis Museum

A Cretan open-air Museum Lychnostatis was created in order to inform, educate and promote visitors to Cretan folk cultural heritage through its outstanding collection of folk tradition and ethnology, nature, environment, as well as Cretan folk art and pre-industrial technology.

Ano Hersonissos

Ano Hersonissos village is located south of Hersonissos town. It is a small traditional Cretan village unlike that of Limenas Hersonisou which is known as a clearly tourist destination. The local villagers are involved in agricultural production and tourism, and as a result visitors will enjoy local delights and products in its traditional and picturesque taverns, cafes and traditional products shops in the village. Even though the village has been influenced by tourism it keeps its traditional character with old sealed wells, stone built houses and picturesque alleyways that lead to a beautiful square where during the summertime, locals and visitors gather in order to celebrate with traditional music dance and feast on local delights till the early morning hours. In conclusion, visitors will be impressed by the Cretan hospitality of the local villagers and the magical beauty of the villages’ position up the mountainside, overlooking Hersonissos and the bay of Hersonissos.